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Thread: SimRail

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    Haven't played the game in nearly two weeks. Setting up loco in SP and the damn game crashed on me.

    First you couldn't save it, now you can't even play it.
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    I haven't been back here in years, come to read some news about the game and find that two old jokers just hijack the thread to take the piss between each other like direct messages.

    Anyways, there is a lot of promise in the game, IMO.

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    Well I did have a crash tonight. My son reminded me that I actually had a crash before. Honestly it happens so few times that I hardly remember and it's not a big issue for me.

    Tonight I'll d a live stream in SimRail for those that do appreciate the sim and I will show how much enjoyment you can get out of this sim. It will be in about 2 hours so that should be in the middle of a server reset cycle.

    I don't agree with everyone's ideas. There are some servers that like to do role plaing and creating diversions like there is construction or something. I'm against that and a slight majority agree. I can see as a driver not being so kind to being delayed when trying to keep on schedule and purposely set at a speed of 20KMH due to a role play. Now if it just happens to get backed up in legitimate traffic, then it's perfectly good.

    But most don't dispatch that way from what I can tell, and I will be dispatching tonight. Perhaps tomorrow night I'll take a run. There are PLENTY of servers available where hardly anyone is on. The servers now reset every 6 hours from what I understand. Plenty of time to have the same experience you would get in single player.

    For an early access sim it is pretty damm good.


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    This thread seems to have run its course.

    Feel free to continue the discussion in the Other Simulators thread. I may peel a couple of posts out to get that started.

    If we have enough interest in terms of topics and participation, creating a dedicated forum for SimRail is not out of the question.

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