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Thread: ScaleRail, US tracks, or Xtracks

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    Default ScaleRail, US tracks, or Xtracks

    I've seen several posts regarding how to obtain Scale Tracks, let alone scale roads, and it got me thinking.

    With trying to evolve away from x tracks and the kuju style roads and tracks, we've had development of scale rail, scale roads, db tracks and us tracks.

    As a route builder, obviously never released anything because I become unhappy with my own results, there are others that continue to press charge and build routes. However, with scale roads and scale rail no longer being available for download, both the shape files and texture files, it seems a little, uneasy to proceed this direction.
    DB Tracks and US tracks seem to have a bit of limitation as well when it comes to certain shapes being available between the two, as I did note when I was tinkering with US Tracks on my own route.

    So now it seems we've dropped back to the kuju and x tracks offerings.

    I guess my thought on this is. Should one continue making routes with scale rail, and scale roads, even though new comers may not have the availability to it? I did notice trainsimulations has the items installed through their packages, so it may not be in issue there, but the lack on various texture abilities is what hinders that concern.
    Then there is DB Tracks and US Tracks, which there again, the various pieces that aren't available.

    Or is this basically going to be a judgment call on the builder of said route?

    It seems like for a bit there, we were pushing forward, but some things came out and we took those few steps back..
    -Shawn K-

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    Personally, I'm not too concerned about the availability. The site owner here won't allow it in the file library, but there are some other options available right now. For me, the visual quality is worth using scale rail over XTracks or Kuju.

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