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Thread: How do you create a consist for Open Rails?

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    Default How do you create a consist for Open Rails?

    I've been searching for a few hours, but all I can find are 404 errors and a version of TSRE5, which doesn't seem to have a consist editing feature.

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    TSRE Download >>>

    Best Manual Available >>>

    From Page 103 of above GitHub manual:
    The Consist Editor is a built-in part of the TSRE5 application. It is enabled by supplying a command line
    option to TSRE5 when the program is started. This option contains the value of "--conedit". This is step
    that is accomplished by the supplied ConsistEditor.bat file.
    • To use the Consist Editor you must have a version of TSRE5 that is V0.6124 or higher.
    • You need to edit the settings.txt file and set the path to your MSTS/OR routes/trains directory,
    Example: gameRoot = F:/train simulator
    • You run the ConsistEditor.bat file from the command line or you can use Windows Explorer to copy
    the ConsistEditor.bat file and then use "Paste Shortcut" to save it to your desktop. You can then use
    the new desktop icon to start the Consist Editor.
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    Besides what Gerry instructed, I offer this.

    ORTS can use any consist file created by the consists editors made for MSTS. This includes the CE tool in the MSTS Activities Editor, Convoi, ConBuilder and the tool included with RouteRiter. The last three listed can be found here in the MSTS Utilities section of the file library.

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