It is my habit (still) to use MSRE to create routes. Recently, after a database rebuild, I had a number of blue poles
show up near where a track crossed a tile boundary. I easily fixed these by selecting the pieces on either side of
the pole jotting down the parameters and then deleting the offending pieces while in TSRE. Then I replaced them
in MSRE.

So far so good, until today I found one I missed which was in a road. While the blue pole, in this case two poles,
were visible in MSRE, I found that the normal vectors in TSRE are also blue in color, although the offending poles
were taller then the normal poles in the vectors. Problem is that the normal vectors and the offending poles are
the same color in TSRE. Maybe in some future revision, Goku can cause blue poles to show up in some different
color, or he can change the color of normal road vectors. In the meanwhile, just be aware of this situation.

J. H. Sullivan, P.E. (retired)