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Thread: ACT will not load

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    so I have no idea of how to find the date on the TDB file,
    I was quoting the oldest date on the files properties
    which seemed logical to me.

    I have found a CI v2 uploaded on the 3rd May 2012.

    I modified the ID on the trk file to match the changes
    I made on the Act files yesterday and I also modified the act filles
    supplied with the new version from 3rd May 2012.

    I copied over the Traffic, Services and Paths folder from
    yesterdays version to the latest one and ran all acts through
    ACTMAN, then opened each act in OR ran each for about a minute
    all are working well.

    Big thanks to Gerry Derek and Ged.


    Daniel - Sydney (Glad I'm not in Townsville)
    It used to be my favourite place in the world.

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    Bro I have the same problem Except I just made a new activity. Open Rails 1.5.1 2_1_2023 4_15_36 PM.jpgOpen Rails 1.5.1 2_1_2023 4_15_36 PM.jpg

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