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Thread: OR not finding downloaded MSTS content

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    Default OR not finding downloaded MSTS content

    Hey all,

    This has likely been addressed but after searching through the forum I couldn't find an exact answer. I have downloaded a couple of different locomotives from the MSTS library, like we all used to do in the old days. Installed the same way - followed the ReadMe docs to the letter, copied the files into the Trainset folder, made sure OR was searching the correct path. Made sure there was no prerequesite DLC needed. All of the installed/original MSTS locos/routes that come with the game appear, but when I download something and add it, it does not show up in the drop down.

    Just looking for any insight. Thanks in advance.

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    IF your question is about a locomotive not appearing in the "Locomotive" drop down selection in the main OR Window....only lead locomotives in a consist will appear in this window. have to make a consist with the locomotive you have downloaded.

    There are several utility programs to make up consists...ConBuilder can be found in the Train Sim Library, also TSRE comes with a built in Consist Editor...there are will have to search for them.
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    When you unzip a piece of rolling stock, look inside the outer folder for a folder inside with the same name, that's the folder you want to copy and paste inside you Trains>Trainset folder.

    Paul :-)

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    Reading your post I don't see the word consist.
    OR doesn't show locomotives it shows consists and consists need to be made up by you.
    Also if you post a copy of the openrailslog.txt from your desktop it may provide a hint or two if there are problems.


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