Jason's video that he posted in December 2022 is very interesting with a bit of a sneak peak of the new subdivision in development.

Run8 Folkston Cam


First in this video at 1:02:40 min there are some re-skins of the 50ft. PlateF Boxcar's and the Greenville 86' 10000 cuft auto parts boxcar in NS Paint scheme etc. Next at 2:09:18 min we get a look at the Cordele diamonds and the spawning of a NS Freight manifest that crosses over the diamonds from the NS Macon District. And something very interesting in the video and in the link below is the silo at Cordele - one of "Jointed Rail's"scenery asset's .


After studying the dispatcher screen in the video, I have a concern as to how Jason is going to model the portion of the Heart of Georgia short line railroad (HOG) track because as well the interchange operations with CSX there is literally within a stone throw from the CSX depot or from the CSX storage track several industries served by HOG.

Will there be enough track either direction of the diamonds to allow a (HOG) freight manifest to spawn on their track and run to Cordele where we can perhaps take control of the locomotive and perform the interchange work with CSX and serve the industries done by HOG ?.

The Heart of Georgia railroad has some GP38-2 and GP40-2 locomotives that would make a great addition to a future locomotive pack. CSX has a depot/office in Cordele which is loctaed at ( 210 6th St N, Cordele, GA 31015 ) and a local road switcher (A730 "Vienna Road Switcher") operates between Cordele and Oglethorp freight yard. The A730 turn or operation looks to be about 34 miles in length.

The new subdivision and the sneak peek at some of the future updates for rolling stock and scenery updates it's looking very good for Run8 fans this year.

Thought I would just finish the post with YouTube videos showing Heart of Georgia short line railroad and the virtural webcam if you want to watch to get an idea of the real trains and their movements through Cordele etc.

HOG Railroad at the Cordele Diamonds!


Cordele Virtual Railfan Webcam