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Thread: No snow rail textures for the Monon-2 Railroad please help.

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    Question No snow rail textures for the Monon-2 Railroad please help.

    I need help to get the snow texture on the railroad tracks for the monon-2 route. I am still working on getting the winter season of the monon-2 railroad to work so I can create activities on it. Does anybody know how to get the tracks to have snow textures for the monon-2 railroad? Your help will be appreciated.

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    If it's just rails that you want to put snow on - repaint the rail portion of "acleantrack2.ace" in the route of your choice - go to the textures\snow directory . Rename the original to "acleantrack2.aceorg"after you copy the original to your work directory of choice . Then repaint the rail portion as you choose . Then copy it back to it's place in the route . If you don't like your changes you can always go back and change as required . You've still got the original .
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    What other routes do you have?
    Find a good winter texture in one of those and copy it to the winter texture folder of the Monon.
    Just replace the one that's there with the new one.


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