Hi Sean,

Know nothing of Discord however have just created an account thinking I might enter your 'Discord' just to check out your Run8 content but when I go to the link it states 'invite invalid'. Just a bit of background, a random recommendation on YouTube for one of your multiplayer Run8 streaming videos caught my attention. Illustrates the value of a quality thumbnail because my only 'look' at Run8 was waaaay back in the day and I dismissed it as a sim for dispatchers, moved on with OpenRails and the rest as they say is history. So now realising the appeal of V3 and all that's on offer, particularly the multiplayer and AI Dispatch, as time permits I will purchase. Can't believe all those years unaware of the actual product content! And your YouTube streaming videos provide an excellent intro to the sim.

If you could clarify the Discord 'thang' then would be much appreciated.