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    Ask to friend him on Steam, Vern. Get in there quick because TV will be payware on full release.

    I can't remember his Steam name sorry buddy. I uninstalled SimRail and Steam yesterday.

    The route editor is even more complex now. I had a whinge to Oskari about it, saying it used to be so much simpler.

    But he rightly pointed out, that with the new features and functions. It was bound to get more involved.

    If it had GE import added. I would so love to do Neyland-Milford-Swansea, as the 120's and 119's are there to be used.

    For a change i would genuinely stick at it, to get the job done.

    EDIT: Author is 44TZL, down in Australia. Did the route originally for me, when i told him about my mam coming from Abercynon.

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