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Thread: How To Alpha( Add Ch. Updated for Open Rsils )

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwillard View Post
    3) A .bmp FILE cannot contain and Alpha Channel...
    Just a note that this is not correct. There are many formats of bitmap file, including those with alpha channels. The catch is that those such formats are not commonly encountered on Windows, and most bitmap editors won't edit or deal with them correctly.

    Quote Originally Posted by marklester01 View Post
    Not @ the moment, but how to add or re-add an Alpha channel to a Model? To some Models( Shapes ), The Texture(s) lost Their Alpha Ch.( s) once I updated them ....
    When you want to edit a texture, TGATools2A is the software you want to open up the .ace file in. You can get TGATools2A from an Ace-It install. Once you open the .ace file in TGATools2A, immediately save it as a .tga file. The .ace format is largely MSTS-only, but the Targa format is more utilitarian and understood by more software. As @pwillard pointed out, TGATools2A will let you edit the color and alpha portions of the texture separately. Or, you can open the .tga file in software like Photoshop and edit it directly.

    Be aware that you cannot just "add alpha" to any texture and expect it to work on any model. It is certainly possible to "alpha out" parts on a model, and you can add an alpha channel to the texture to do it, but the shape file may also have be modified so as to utilize the alpha portion of the texture. Since you are intending to just fix the alpha that was already there, and the shape is already configured for it, that doesn't apply here. But it's something to know going forward.

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    Thanks. I've learned somewhere down the road somehow that, @ one point just re-numbering or such with Alpha with TGAToolga would just update once saved with Alpha, but then suddenly not allow. Well, with help & .DDS allow+Saving as TGA, It's helped ( including as You said ). Now there's also Re-texturing( Not a good actual Re-Painter ): In this case, bits of textures to make new to equa( Like I did ). The SHPX 48Ft. Tankcars that are Black & White used for Dying Clothes+Their Colors( Said right ? ). Well, for the past several Years now, WAGX & a Few others have gone from Yellow or Brownish Tan to those same colors but are semi-different. To get the same effect without actually repainting the whole model, having those SHPX ones as a "Base" is a good Idea & just Nab bits & Pieces together to get them.

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