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    I know updated their forum recently, and I have not been able to login since.
    The new site asks to login with an e-mail address as your usrid, and I try, but it doesn't recognize either the address or the password. I try to have a new/temp password sent to the e-mail, but I never get a response.

    Any Flightsim folks out here have any suggestions?

    Thanks very much,

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    Quote Originally Posted by qballbandit View Post
    .....Any Flightsim folks out here have any suggestions?

    Thanks very much,
    Just a thought but how about registering under a new ID?
    You may need a different email address to your original, because you could get a response that the original is already registered.
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    There's been an ownership change at FlightSim as of last June. Nels is still contributing, but there are new admins in place handling all the day to day stuff.

    Looks like it's been a bit of a mess over the last three weeks since they made the software change.
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