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Thread: Open Rails Route--Omura Line

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    I've gotten several requests for the stock and consists used in the route. All stock and consist files used in the Omura activities are default - they came with MSTS as part of the original installation, so they should be present in your MSTS installation. If you have removed that stuff for whatever reason, you should be able to restore it using your install disks. As previously pointed out here, I cannot legally distribute the stock.

    Edit: It has been brought to my attention that some folks may just have Open Rails installed, and don't own MSTS. I hadn't thought of that, I only started using ORTS recently and I guess I just assumed everyone has MSTS.

    It's possible to substitute other stock for the default stuff I used, either editing the consist files themselves with Notepad, or using another consist editor. The trains used in the route's activities are all passenger trains, some of the AI trains are electric, but wouldn't have to be.

    Sorry for the confusion.
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