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    Hi, New to OR and have set up a folder with the 4 subfolders as stated in the manual and copied into them the files from MSTS discs (extracted from ISO) but in the Locomotive list it says they are missing and if i run OR with All Locos selected I get an error. What I am doing wrong?

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    Think I have solved this one now as the OR Manual says put a subfolder called TRAINSETS in the TRAINS folder but i changed it to TRAINSET (as seen in a demo download) and OR now recognises the locos and will load.
    Next problem is trying to extract all the necessary files from the MSTS CD/ISO/extracted .BIN file to make a route show everything correctly

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    Appears you did not get the Trainset subfolders installed. Look at the Trains folder in the install you created. Should be two subfolders, Consists and Trainset. Then look in the Trainset folder. There should be multiple subfolders for Engines and Wagons.

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