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Thread: Merging Routes With Route Riter

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    How can I merge routes with route riter?

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    I can only tell you my experience using Route-Riter to merge two routes.

    The two routes are only 9 miles apart and they did not share any track, roads, scenery or terrain.

    The FJ&G route became the primary route and the ACN route was merged into it. After reading what was described as the two methods of merging, I tried the second one which was essentially just leaving the two completed routes as they were and using the merge button in Route-Riter. After doing this it didn't look like anything actually changed. I ended up renaming the files to the new route name myself.

    Once opened I was prompted to delete all the interactives from the ACN route. Once that was done I scrolled through both the FJ&G route, and when I got to the ACN route, I was prompted to delete every piece of dynamic track. I still had the original ACN route so I could sekect each piece of dynamic track and right down what I needed to replace them on the merged version.

    The only problem I had with the FJ&G route was one piece of dynamic track that kept disappearing, three times over the course of a week. It was just straight and I ended up replacing it with four track sections to get the same length. But, I did not have any interactives I neved to delete or other dynamic track sections cause problems on the FJ&G.

    Good luck!

    Paul :-)

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