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Thread: Inviting New Members & Players

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    Lightbulb Inviting New Members & Players

    Yeah, I was in a Restaurant having a Soda when an Older Couple noticed My NS Vest. Asked( been Asked several Times & also MUST say NO just a RailFan, Vest+Hat was a Gift On B-Day, plus helps to not get hit @ Night while Walking ) if I worked for NS. Anyway, got to The Point of 2 of Them Mentioning MSTS. I told them yeah, I play Open Rails. I explained best I could The better Benifits & where to Basically start out for Free. Open Rails.Org & TrainSimulations for The Starter Route+Trains. Then I told them to Make an Account here if Haven't already for other needed or wanted Downloads+ Forum to seek out any Questions needed. To me, It's always good to bring people closer to the Hobby( & just play the basic Game ). Got me besides the better Graphics was seeing all the pics. on PC & Mag. such as Trains+ Model Railroader before I bought it in '06. Plus get this,..The Oldest Worked for EMD in IL 20 something Years ago!
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    Any hobby is benefited by having friendly ambassadors. Good for ya, Mark. ThumbsUp_Big.jpg
    Cheers, Gerry
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