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Thread: Problem with transferring content to V3 from older versions

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    Default Problem with transferring content to V3 from older versions

    I recently bought Run 8 V3 and i have some routes and rolling stockbut at v1. I also have v2 but when i tried to move my content to v2 with its converter only my routes moved to it. Is there any way for me to transfer my rolling stock to the newer versions cause re-buying everything is costly.

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    There should be a automatic converter when you lauch V2 with V1 content. Then run the V3 installer and point it to your V2 install when promoted. If that doesn't work. You can open a ticket at and they will help you out.
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    at the v2 main menu theres a button that says import v1 routes idk if it is only for routes. Did you mean that i can put the v1 content manually at v2 folder to add them?

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    i put the rail vehicles folder on v2 and almost all of them succesfully got into v2 and after i implemented them to v3 thanks!!


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