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Thread: After failed install attempts in the past, MSTS surprised me this time

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    Default After failed install attempts in the past, MSTS surprised me this time

    I've tried installing it on Windows 10 and on Window 11 in the past and its always failed to install but for some reason that is a mystery to me, It worked this time and works perfectly fine. My question obviously, did something change with Windows to allow it to work? Im surprised but happily surprised.
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    Hi Frank

    what was the failure, I know that some of my installs failed on the 2nd CD
    but when I just walked away and let it do it's thing it worked.

    Either way I'm happy for you, hopefully you are running MSTS in Openrails.


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    One way to likely always have a successful install is to NOT allow it to use the default installation directory.
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    Hi Frank; Very pleased to hear that you got MSTS to install without a lot of fuss. My question is...Windows 11?
    I've tried many times to get it to install and run on Windows 11, but have had no luck. Did you do anything out of the ordinary to get it installed??
    Had no problems installing and running MSTS on Windows 10...just this new 11 thing!

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