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  • State of the Site - February 2024

    And just like that, NFL football is over for the season. Those of you who don't follow football closely may not understand the emptiness that sets in following the end of the regular season (especially for those whose teams don't make the playoffs), but for me, watching football is a block on the weekend where I am guaranteed to get mostly uninterrupted time to concentrate on programming fixes and other things Trainsim related because our household watches a lot of football... Congrats to the ...
    Posted 02-12-2024, 01:16 AM
  • Bundles of Bundles

    A number of routes old and new have been bundled recently, which means you can get all of the required items in a single zip if you're a First Class or FastPass member. To view the list of current routes and other files that are bundled, Click here With the new track pieces for older routes available, you might want to rediscover a few of the older gems including the various Milwaukee Road "Lines West" such as the RMD East, RMD West, Idaho and Coast divisions. Or maybe the Pacific Electric o...
    Posted 02-07-2024, 06:02 PM
  • State of the Site -- January 2024

    I'd say we are off to a very good start to the year... The last few years, I've been out of meaningful NFL football to watch by the first week of January, and able to spend more time doing other things. This year, my Packers shocked the world and knocked out the #2 Dallas Cowboys, making it to the Divisional Round officially as the youngest average age team in NFL history and the first #7 seed to advance to the Divisional Round... Unfortunately, this past weekend they lost a close game to the...
    Posted 01-14-2024, 12:23 AM
  • Happy 2024!

    During the last year...

    An average of 10,000 pages were visited daily...
    624 people made 11,610 posts to our forums...
    264 people sent 2,089 private messages...
    153 people uploaded 1,334 screenshots and other attachments...
    110 people uploaded 442 files to the library...
    Over 18,000 unique users downloaded 735,664 files from the library...

    Since August, 11,040 users performed 906,271 searches of the file library...

    Numbers like...
    Posted 12-31-2023, 04:57 PM
  • The Night Before Christmas

    'Twas the Night before Christmas, and all through the yard, Not a whistle was blowing, not a steam plume stirred. The engines, all silent, in slumber did sleep, While visions of passengers danced in their dreams. The rails, silver gleamed in the pale moon's light, As signals stood frozen, no red to ignite. No coal clattered down, no pistons did churn, Only soft winter snowflakes softly did turn. On the roundhouse roof, perched high with a grin, A lone Santa conductor, his work nearly din. He che...
    Posted 12-18-2023, 04:52 PM
  • State of the Site - December 2023

    Where has the time gone? We're just a week out from Christmas, and a fortnight from the New Year... The month started out with some bad news regarding one of our early members and long-time moderator on the site... Our friend Dave Edwards passed away on December 7th. He'd been battling health issues for the last few years, and while things were looking better over the past couple months, he took a sudden turn for the worse. There's a thread in the "We Remember" forum for those looking for more de...
    Posted 12-10-2023, 11:04 PM
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  • eric
    TSRE5 v8.x Bug Reports
    by eric

    Please report any bugs here. Bugs will be cleaned up from the thread as they're resolved
    Last Activity: Today, 04:17 AM
  • eric
    Testing v8.003
    by eric

    For those who might want to try the testing version and provide feedback in the Bugs thread....

    Testing version ---> <----- Updated...
    Last Activity: Today, 03:39 AM
  • daniellouwrens
    Help with searching. Again
    by daniellouwrens


    I am still having problem searching in some areas of the file Library.

    For example, if an activity is uploaded and...
    Last Activity: Today, 12:01 AM
  • marklester01
    NAVS EOT Pack( Correct Set-Up Method )?
    by marklester01

    Yes, I've read The Read-Me, but don't understand it. I've got The Navs_Freight Installed into The Main ORTS Trains Folder for The FRED's Turbo Wine Sound*....
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 11:20 PM
  • landnrailroader
    Transfer issues
    by landnrailroader


    I notice that the terrain often bleeds through transfers when seen in TSRE. Also if there is a transfer already on the terrain, and...
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 09:34 PM
  • eric
    TSRE Changes / Wish List
    by eric

    I'd posted this last year, but thought I'd start over as a few were already knocked out:

    Changes Implemented:
    • StaticDetailLevel is a valid
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 06:47 PM
  • TrainSimJack
    Chicago Area Meet up - March 3
    by TrainSimJack

    Hi Everyone, happy holidays!

    I've noticed there seem to be quite a few of us that are located in the Chicago Metro Area.

    Last Activity: Yesterday, 05:55 PM
  • pcohen
    by pcohen

    Hello everybody.

    I have 36 Maps of US Routes in my files is there please a complete Map of the US Rail Network showing the MSTS Routes?...
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 03:23 PM
  • Strawberry Yogurt
    P40, P42, P32AC-DM for Open Rails - Lessons Learned & New Progress
    by Strawberry Yogurt

    Hi everyone. It's been a while. A few years ago I started a modeling project to bring a new Genesis model to Open Rails, to hopefully improve upon models...
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 02:44 PM
  • eric
    Feature Requests Implemented
    by eric

    This is for Jerry as much as me. A quick addition to the settings.txt with the following values:

    wireLineHeight = 6.6
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 09:19 AM

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