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Terms and Conditions


  • Terms and Conditions

    The following are the general Terms, Conditions and Community Standards for this site.


    The Good

    • Membership is open to all. Anyone can join the community, regardless of their nationality, race, religion, or any other personal characteristic.
    • The community is governed by an evolving set of rules and guidelines. These rules are designed to ensure that the community is a safe and welcoming place for all members.
    • Members are expected to respect each other and to follow the rules of the community. This includes respecting each other's privacy, not engaging in harassment or discrimination, and not sharing personal information without permission.
    • The community is a place for sharing information and ideas. Members are encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with the community.
    • The community is a place for building relationships. Members are encouraged to connect with each other and to build friendships.
    • The community is a place for learning and growing. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge and to learn from each other.
    • We strive for 24/7 availability, however there are no guarantees or warranties implied or written regarding the availability of this site or content that has been posted or uploaded by members

    The Bad

    • Piracy is theft, and those who engage or endorse it are not welcome here. That includes sharing of payware, DRM and/or copyrighted material for which the author or owner expects payment or has otherwise limited its distribution
    • Reverse engineering of content for use in other platforms without the original author's consent is not allowed unless the items were originally released under the GNU or another comparable methodology which permits derivative works
    • Downloading is encouraged, but hoarding is not. Those found to have exceeded a reasonable number of files may see their privileges temporarily suspended
    • Copyrighted material uploaded without permission will be removed upon request
    • Engaging in discussion of politics, religion, or other controversial issues is OK within reason, but if it becomes disruptive or disrespectful, your privileges to the site may be suspended and/or revoked
    • The use of profane, derrogatory or defamatory language is not allowed
    • The depiction or simulation of railroad crashes or other acts of violence, destruction and death intended as a form of entertainment is discouraged

    The Ugly

    • Members who find postings by others which are objectionable can report these to the moderator team using the "Report" function available on every page
    • The moderators and administrators of the site have full authority to modify or remove content which fall outside these standards
    • Members who are removed or suspended from the site can appeal their suspension to the owner by using the "Contact Us" form

    The Disclaimers and Legalities
    • Your continued use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these terms
    • There is no warranty implied or otherwise for the availability of the website or its content
    • Your donations and subscriptions are not tax deductible
    • Management reserves the right to revoke memberships for cause without any refund
    • This site does not store payment data
    • This site will save the email address and IP address from which you've enrolled to ensure multiple accounts are not used to bypass community standards and site download rules
    • Users can request their account to be deleted. This action is irreversible.
      • Posts will remain with "Guest" attributed in place of the deleted user name
      • Files uploaded to the library will remain in place unless specifically requested to be removed. 
      • A nominal service fee (USD $1 per file to be deleted) may apply to cover administrative and provider costs to perform file removals from primary, DR, and offsite storage.
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