Feather River Canyon Route


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The Feather River Route by 3DTrains is a representation of Western Pacific\'s 3rd Subdivision between Oroville and Portola, California, which includes the scenic Feather River canyon. Also included is a segment of the 4th Subdivision, from Keddie to Almanor. The Feather River route is modeled as it might have appeared in 1968. Western Pacific Feather River forum.

The railroad was originally built to transport timber and mineral resources which were abundant in the early days. The Railroad also promoted the new agricultural possibilities of the Central Valley with "introduction gardens" planted with varied and, at that time, exotic new crops including oranges, olives, dates, persimmons and avocados.

Route details

  • Over 150 miles of mainline operations through mountains, canyons and valleys
  • Several yards, sidings, and industries for unlimited switching possibilities
  • Dozens of highly detailed bridges, including the famous Keddie Wye
  • 16 freight and passenger locomotives
  • 56 highly detailed and individually numbered freight cars
  • 12 California Zephyr passenger cars - travel in style!

General Information

  • Hundreds of accurate and highly detailed structures and other lineside objects
  • Thousands of realistic and accurate trees and other vegetation
  • Highly accurate track work, grades, and signaling
  • Our own ScaleRail and ScaleRoad track and road system
  • Highly detailed terrain, including thousands of custom terrain textures
  • Many challenging activities, with a wide range of difficulty levels
  • Complete documentation, including route history, operation rules, and performance tips

System requirements

  • OpenRails (any version) -or- Microsoft Train Simulator 1.2 using MSTS Bin patch (v1.6 or greater)
  • 1.7 Ghz Pentium-II or equivalent
  • 128Mb 3D video hardware acceleration or better
  • Available hard drive space 1.4Gb

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To Download

To Install

  • Unzip the download to a temporary folder
  • Run "WP_Setup"
  • If prompted by your virus/security application, this is a false positive. Click on advanced and continue
  • Enter the product key displayed on this page below
  • When prompted to install the TSection.dat and Scalerail:
    • If you are installing to a "never been upgraded" MSTS installation, check the Tsection and Scalerail
    • If you have previously installed an upgraded track/road system like XTracks or Scalerail, you can uncheck the TSection box
    • If you have previously ScaleRail, you can uncheck the ScaleRail box