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Run8Studios V3 Update 11

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    Run8Studios V3 Update 11

    Update 11 is coming out November 1 2023. Update will show date of 10.27.23 . This update has fixes for issues from users using the reporting site to the programmer.

    Listed below the fixes from the change log

    Run8 V3 Change Log
    Update11 ( Dated 10.27.23 )

    • BarstowYermo
    ◦ Added missing 2nd signal head at CP Yermo westbound (this was causing the old signal to sometimes go
    dark depending on the aspect of the next signal at Daggett)

    • Roseville Sub
    ◦ Fixed detector 214.3 (the track numbers were reversed)
    ◦ Fixed detector 185.3 (both tracks were calling out 485.3)
    ◦ Fixed naughty switch-stand at industry in Sparks next to Freeport Blvd (was buried inside a building)

    • Pittsburgh East Sub
    ◦ Fixed dark aspect on Main-9 eastbound signal (Main-9 to Siding)
    ◦ DS Screen has been re-worked with more info (thanks Frank!)
    * Fixed errant switch-stand at Altoona Pipe & Steel

    • Cajon Sub:
    ◦ (Otto Head-On Issue) Added signal tags at CP Slover NB to prevent Otto from stopping trains there
    ◦ The WB Signals at CP Rancho have been changed to use the "@Palmdale_Only" routing tag so that Otto
    will not send any non-Palmdale trains up to Slover and beyond
    ◦ If using the Reverse-Loop to depart West Colton Departure Yard, Otto now has a length-limit (2700ft) to
    prevent trains stopping on the loop and blocking the entire control point

    • Mojave Sub:
    ◦ At CP Lopez EB, the signal has been tagged to prevent Otto from stopping an eastbound train greater
    than 6000ft on Main 1 at Jastro; this prevents Otto from fouling Lopez and causing a charlie-foxtrot

    • Alhambra Sub (SBD)
    ◦ (Otto Head-On Issue) Added signal tags on the siding-entry signals between Industry and Montclair to
    prevent Otto from stopping trains at those signals

    • HRS Southeast Region
    ◦ Various scenery fixes\enhancements along the A-Line, Waycross, and Fitz
    ◦ A-Line signals approaching Callahan tweaked to show proper aspect when diverging to Baldwin Sub

    • You Asked, We Delivered:

    ◦ Dispatcher Symbol Mode (in the F1 DS Options) now saves its setting
    ◦ Relinquish Train Keyboard Shortcut: [Left-Alt R], can be reassigned as desired
    ◦ New Hazmat Placards
    ▪ 1017 Poison (Chlorine)
    ▪ 1791 Corrosive (Sodium Hypochlorite, aka Bleach)
    ▪ 2789 Corrosive (Acetic Acid)
    ▪ 2014 Oxidizer (Hydrogen Peroxide)
    ▪ 2187 Carbon Dioxide
    ▪ 3077 Misc Hazmat
    ▪ 3257 Hot Liquid N.O.S.

    Make sure to run the Updater FIRST please before installing the CSX Baldwin

    Also check out the routes page New add-on route from Hyrail Simulations is the CSX Baldwin

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    Work Safe play hard

    Is the update available now? I downloaded Baldwin, but the update is still 10A. Gone in game, redownloaded the updater on the website. No update shows up in game.


      The Update is available. and when Updated will say Update 11 Oct 27
      Work Safe play hard


        I got it. Things were a little slow for a bit.


          Thanks for the heads-up.
          Avidly simming on the rails:
          Currently operating Run 8 and TSW3